May 12 2018

YouTuber’s money-saving tip leads to customs bust

A Turkish YouTube celebrity was caught red-handed by the country’s customs after filming a video explaining how his followers could save money by smuggling cars from nearby Georgia, pro-government channel Habertürk said.

Mervan Tepelioğlu explained in his video “Buying a 200,000 lira car for 45,000 lira” how he bought a car from a showroom in Georgia, where automobile taxes are considerably lower, and hired a local to drive the car across the border as if he were a tourist.

However, he said he did not realise he was breaking the law in smuggling the 2003 Nissan 350 Z into Turkey.

“I had no idea about the customs dimension,” he said, blaming the salesman at the Georgian showroom for misleading him about the legality of the action.

“I thought I was using this vehicle legally. As I have explained everything I know, I wish to benefit from the repentance law.”