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Dec 27 2018

Chuck Ross explains how he broke one of the most consequential Flynn stories on Turkish lobbying

Chuck Ross for the first time explains how he broke Flynn-Alptekin lobbying story right after the November 2016 elections - Washington Hatti

For the Flynn-Turkish lobbying story I broke, many people have accused me with all sorts of things and some calling me a secret Gülenist - Chuck Ross talks about Flynn-Turkey lobbying story

When I read Flynn's @theHill column which was popped out of nowhere in November 2016, I searched Senate lobbying records and saw that Flynn was a lobbyist for a Dutch company which was registered by a Turkish national Alptekin - Chuck Ross

Why would the head of Turkish-US business council hire a fmr general via Dutch company? - the Daily Caller's Chuck Ross explains how he broke one of the most consequential stories of recent memory

I had no idea the story I broke would become such a big scandal and reveal later that Flynn got paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get Gulen extradited - Reporter Chuck Ross talks about Turkish lobbying ties and Flynn

The reason Alptekin was so talkative about his lobbying efforts after the story broke, I think so that his co-conspirators line up their stories with his - the Daily Caller reporter Chuck Ross