Head of Egyptian intelligence seeks regional coordination against Turkey's plans

The chief of the Egyptian General Intelligence Agency (GIS), Abbas Kamel, secretly visited several countries in the Middle East and North Africa in recent days. The subject on the agenda was Turkey.

Kamel’s meetings were aimed at establishing an intelligence alliance between Egypt and other nations and to pave the way for closer military cooperation that would counter Turkey's increasingly aggressive designs in the region, unidentified sources in Paris told The Arab Weekly.

Kamel is said to have described Turkey’s plans as "the most dangerous for the Arab region since the accession to power of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan".

Kamel presented highly sensitive information on Turkish activities, including operations in Libya and Syria and developments regarding Turkey’s military presence in Qatar and the Horn of Africa, the sources said.

Egyptian General Intelligence Agency (GIS) chief Abbas Kamel
Egyptian General Intelligence Agency (GIS) chief Abbas Kamel

The top Egyptian intelligence official is said to have discussed sensitive information about Turkey's strategy in the Middle East and Africa and its new plans for intelligence and military deployment.

Among Turkey's immediate goals, he said, was to cultivate more local proxies and human intelligence assets to expand Ankara's influence and its leverage in future negotiations with the Europeans, Russians and Americans.

Kamel is reported to have succeeded in achieving one main goal of his tour: clinching an agreement on creating a high-level "joint operations room" that would include high-level representatives of the security services of countries interested in combating the Turkish plan.

The sources did not disclose the names of the countries visited by Kamel but said that many had expressed similar suspicions about Ankara's tactics and their willingness to contribute to any coordinated effort that would prevent any further Turkish military build-up in the region.

Kamel was appointed head of the GIS in 2018. He previously served as President Abdelfattah El-Sisi's chief-of staff.