Oct 10 2018

Three women found dead on Turkey-Greece migrant route

Three unidentified women have been found dead, presumed murdered, on the Greek side of the border with Turkey on a route frequently used by migrants, Arab News reported on Wednesday.

The origins of the three women are unknown, and it is not known whether or not they were migrants. But there bodies were found close to each other near the Evros River, which marks the border between Turkey and Greece, on a route thought to have been used by more than 10,000 migrants to cross from Turkey this year.

The bodies were found by a passerby. All three had stab wounds, and two, thought to be aged between 15 and 18, were possible related, said the Arab News report.

The land routes connecting Turkey and Greece have been used by thousands of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere to cross to Europe, particularly since sea routes were cut in 2016.

A deal struck between the European Union and Turkey that year put a stop to the huge flow of migrants across the Aegean Sea, and left many stuck in centres established on Aegean islands. The land routes have become seen as a favourable alternative for migrants in light of this.

Turkish migrants have also made use of these routes in increasing numbers since 2016, when a botched coup attempt triggered a harsh government crackdown targeting members of a religious group thought by the government to have plotted the coup.

Boats reportedly carrying fleeing members of the Gülen movement have capsized on the Maritsa, another river separating Turkey and Greece, on several occasions in 2018.