Turkey facing brain drain - BBC

Academics, intellectuals and religious minorities are increasingly choosing to leave Turkey due to what they see as a climate of fear and repression, British broadcaster the BBC said.

“In the past five years, 17,000 Turkish nationals came to Britain, UK Home Office figures showed. The German Statistics Office says around 7,000 Turks have moved to Germany during that period and about 5,000 have moved to France, according to the French Interior Ministry.”

Many of these are academics fearful for their positions and others feeling vulnerable to being purged during a state of emergency period that has seen 60,000 people arrested and 150,000 suspended or dismissed, the BBC said.

"My thoughts are not wanted; the way I want to live is not wanted. We now have to choose a side. If it's not the right side, your business won't grow or you can't express your feelings - otherwise you'll have trouble. You need to be Muslim, Sunni and pro-government," it quoted an unnamed Jewish man about to leave the country as saying.


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