Turkish police special forces put on media display

Turkish police and gendarmerie special forces deployed to support the ongoing military operation in the northwest Syrian area of Afrin have released a range of photos and video images to Turkish media organs, apparently showing them at work in the Afrin countryside.

In its news piece displaying the photographs, CNN Türk wrote: “Having been deployed from all corners of the country, the Police and Gendarmerie Special Operations teams – the terrorists’ nightmare – have begun to provide support for the operation in the Afrin countryside.”

The teams have been sent to take part in “residential district” operations as a part of Turkey’s battle with Kurdish militants in Afrin.

The video footage, some of which appears to have been taken from the units’ body cameras, shows the special forces units equipped in full combat gear entering an empty village and opening fire.

This proud, militaristic display will likely be warmly received by large swathes of the public in Turkey, where the majority of citizens support the current operation in Afrin, and the government has been holding nationalistic propaganda pageants.