Minumum wage in Turkey is not enough for wage-earners - Türk-İş

The minimum wage in Turkey is not enough for an employee, let alone a family of four, to live on, Turkey's biggest trade union confederation said on Friday.

According to the report by the Türk-İş confederation, the basic expenditures of an average four-member household came to 6,760 lira ($1,195), while the monthly spending estimate for a four-member to get sufficient nutrition, known as the hunger threshold, stood at 2,075 lira ($367).

A 2018 report by another major trade unions confederation, DİSK, said around 10 million Turkish workers were on minimum wage.

The Turkish government set the minimum wage at 2,020 lira ($358), but Türk-İş calculated the monthly cost of living for a single worker as 2,393 lira ($424).

"The minimum wage, which has become the livelihood of millions of employees, is not sufficient to support a single worker, let alone a four-member family," the report said.

Meanwhile, the average monthly food expenditure for a four-member family increased by 437 lira ($77.5) since the beginning of 2019, and by 1,176 lira ($208.5) on a year-on-year basis, according to the report.

Wage-earners in Turkey have been hit by a currency crisis that has wiped nearly a third off the lira’s value in 2018, with overall consumer price inflation well over 20 percent throughout the first months of this year.