Treasury's move to Istanbul leading to loss of qualified staff - Oda TV

The decision to move key units from Turkey’s Treasury and Finance Ministry from Ankara to Istanbul has left staff at the ministry up in arms and paved the way for a wave of resignations, Turkish secularist news site Oda TV reported on Wednesday.

News reports in late July revealed plans to move units from the ministry and the central bank from the capital to Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city and main economic hub, to boost the city’s financial clout.

A report in Oda TV last week said the ministry’s deputy chief, Bülent Aksu, had told staff on Monday, August 5 that the move would take place “within a month”, forcefully rejecting any dissent at the decision. Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak reportedly signed the order on the following Friday.

The decision to move in a short time frame has left staff at the ministry faced with the prospect of moving away from their families, a situation that in some cases will lead to families caring for young children being split between the two cities.

The ministry has refused to extend allowances to the staff to help cover the costs of the move, according to Oda TV’s report.

“People who don’t know Istanbul at all are completely confounded about what they’re going to do. No attention is being paid to the personal circumstances of the staff”, Oda TV quoted a ministry source as saying.

Those circumstances include staff with young children or with older children whose school arrangements have already been made in Ankara, and others with sick, elderly parents to look after in the capital, Oda TV’s report said.

The blunt and draconian way the move is being pushed through is likely to lead to large numbers of resignations from highly qualified staff at the ministry, Oda TV quoted its sources as saying.

Meanwhile, the incoming staff’s qualifications are suspect, the source said.

“For the first time in the history of the treasury, general managers are being appointed from the private sector. The qualifications of the people coming in are in doubt”, the source said.

“The state has its own way of functioning, and it’s noteworthy that these people (being appointed in the ministry) neither know about this way of functioning, nor have had any success in any institution up to now”.
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