Oct 10 2018

Misdiagnosed cold patient undergoes chemotherapy at Ankara hospital

A man in Turkey’s eastern province of Erzurum was told by doctors he was suffering from a cold after being diagnosed with cancer and given chemotherapy treatment, Turkish Vatan newspaper reported.

Fourty-eight year old Yılmaz Kızıloğlu was hospitalised at the Ankara Faculty of Medicine Research Hospital in 2015 after complaining of ‘’extreme fatigue,’’ and subsequently diagnosed with cancer in the lymph nodes. Kızıloğlu then received four cyles of chemotherapy, Vatan said.

A follow up health report from Ankara; however, said Kızıloğlu had suffered from the common cold and not cancer.

The man has been pursuing a legal battle since, the newspaper said.

Kızıloğlu told Vatan that he’s not happy about the misdiagnosis due to damage his body has suffered during chemotherapy.

‘’I’ve lost my physical strength due to the chemotherapy I received,’’ he said. ‘’I lost my hair and I didn’t even want to look in the mirror.’’

Kızıloğlu and his lawyer have taken his case to the Turkish State Council after officials at the hospital in Ankara refused an investigation on the misdiagnosis requested years ago.