Turkish climber’s body found 26 years after disappearance

The body of a Turkish mountaineer who died in the French Alps has been found under the ice of a glacier 26 years later, Turkish press reported on Friday.

Twenty-one-year-old Hasan Tarım, from the Central Anatolian province of Kayseri, went missing in 1992 while climbing in the Alps with a German friend after the pair slipped and fell on their way up a peak.

“After receiving the news, (Hasan’s) father employed 200 French mountaineers, hired helicopters and went himself to take part in the search for him, he spent most of his money trying to find him. But there was no sign of him, dead or alive,” Hasan’s cousin Ali Tarım said.

A group of climbers finally found the bodies of Hasan and his German friend this August, after which Italian officials sent both bodies to Germany.

After German police contacted Tarım’s family, another of his cousins, Yusuf, travelled there to identify the body.

“When we heard he’d been found, my brother Yusuf went to Germany. They identified him by the necklace he was wearing,” said Ali, though he said the body had been preserved in the ice.

“We never lost our hope for him,” Ali continued. “We’re sad, but at the same time pleased. At least he will have a proper burial.”

Hasan Tarım’s body would be brought to his home village in Kayseri, where a funeral would take place, said Ali.