May 11 2018

Turkish presidential candidate pledges technological solutions

Turkish presidential candidate Muharrem İnce of the leftist main opposition Republican People’s Party has pledged to rescue Turkey’s economy by investing in technology and training young people for the computer age if he is elected in June 24 elections.

He told a surprisingly large crowd in President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s hometown of Rize that Turkey could solve its electricity problems by coming up with new solutions for batteries to store solar power.

“We need to make batteries to store solar power. And young people will do this! Clever children will do it,” he said.

“I promise you this: When I am president, I will send 10,000 of our young people overseas every year to get the best possible education. I promise you this: there are now 10,000 computer engineers in Turkey, but in five years, it will be 100,000!”

Foreigners would invest in Turkey again if it became a transparent state under the rule of law, İnce said, but presently the government was having to resort to underhand methods to keep the economy going.

“Why? There are steroids in the economy. Steroids are not natural. Even if you dope a stallion, it will be disqualified from the race. They are trying to solve everything through construction,” he said.

In reality, high inflation meant that ordinary people were getting poorer, İnce said.

“When you get your wages, put the slip in your drawer. Then go to the market and buy half a kilo of cheese, olives, bread, and a little detergent. Then put the receipt next to the slip. The next month when you get your wages, put the slip there and the market receipt. You’ll understand from the difference! That’s the economy,” he said.

Ince, following election rally in Hakkari, Turkey's southeast Kurdish city, said if Meral Aksener, the candidate of the right center IYI Party goes to the second round of the elections, he would be ready to run on her ticket as a vice president, "if she makes me a vice president candidate, I would be a vice president candidate. I do not have any issues. I would go the roof of a bus and visit all across Turkey to get her elected. We are thinking about the country."