Syrian teen beaten to death in northwest Turkey - report

A Syrian teenager was beaten to death in Turkey’s northwestern Bursa province after defending a woman who was harassed by a group, Gazete Duvar reported on Friday.

The incident took place in Bursa’s Gürsu district on Wednesday evening, when Hamza Ajan, a 17-year-old market worker in the neighbourhood of Istiklal, was severely beaten by a group of four people, who verbally assaulted a Syrian woman.

Ajan died in the hospital a few hours later.

Police opened an investigation into the assault, and one of the two people detained in connection with the incident has been arrested, the news website said.

Turkish public resentment towards Syrians has grown since millions of Syrian refugees fled from their country’s nine-year-old civil war to Turkey. Some Turks blame the 3.57 million refugees that Turkey hosts for the country’s economic and social troubles.

Turkey is also involved in northern Syria, where its military and allied local militias oppose Syrian government forces and intend to create a buffer zone between the Turkish border and Kurdish armed groups deemed a threat to Turkish sovereignty.