Slain Kurdish intellectual Musa Anter commemorated in Diyarbakir

Musa Anter, an esteemed Kurdish author and journalist, who was assassinated 27 years ago, was commemorated on Friday in ceremony held in Turkey’s southeastern province of  Diyarbakır.

The Free Journalist Initiative held a ceremony at the site of Anter’s execution was in 1992, Bianet reported.

Affectionately referred to as Apê Musa (Uncle Musa)‎, a term of respect and love in Kurdish, Anter was an affectionate and devoted defender of Kurdish freedom and culture throughout his repressed life.

"I am a living, deponent of Turkey's recent history. Just a deponent? No. I am both its defendant and convict," says Anter in his memoirs.

As a result of Turkey's denial of the Kurdish identity and culture, Anter was exposed to state oppression from an early age. 

He became a particular target of prosecutions and harassment by the law enforcement agencies, in addition to ill treatment and torture, death threats during his life.

A usual victim of every military intervention in Turkey, Anter was imprisoned many times and sent to exile over the decades before his assassination on September 20, in 1992. 

Until the time he was murdered at the age of 72, Anter served as a tireless intellectual with the goal of making the identity and culture of his oppressed people visible.

He was among the leading activists who have established the Revolutionary Eastern Culture Hearths, the Labour Party of People, Mezopotamya Cultural Center and İstanbul Kurdish Institute.

Anter was also a pioneer of the Kurdish literature, a trailblazer of periodicals under heavy state oppression in the Kurdish regions.

A curious mind and prolific author, he published seven books, in addition to a Kurdish-Turkish dictionary. 

Anter was shot in the heart and head in an attack in the south-eastern province of Diyarbakır, allegedly organised by Gendarmerie Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism Organization (JİTEM), a controversial, paramilitary force of Turkey's notorious "deep-state."

Turkey has had a notorious record for extrajudicial killings and political assassinations since the beginning of the century.

Journalists, authors, lawyers and other intellectuals have been murdered because of their opposition to authoritarian Turkish regimes. 

Tahir Elçi, a respected human rights advocate, was the latest victim of such attacks and was shot and killed in 2015 in the same city in which Anter was murdered.

Turkish authorities have been accused of failing to pursue a thorough, independent and transparent investigation in the political assassinations. 

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