Mar 03 2018

‘NATO left Turkey alone in its fight against terrorism’ - security specialist


Murat Aslan, a security specialist and an academic at Hasan Kalyoncu University, said to Work Bulletin that NATO leaves Turkey alone in its fight against terrorism.

According to Aslan "NATO has failed in coordinating the security priorities of its member states and left Turkey alone in its fight against terrorist organizations such as PKK and FETO”. Aslan argues that, though Turkey has sided with the US in the war against terrorism, the US as well as Turkey’s other NATO allies overlook Turkey’s security problems. 

For Aslan, this attitude was most explicit when NATO members in the EU left Turkey alone during “unfair sovereignty violations by Greece and Greek Cypriot Administration”. He claims that the passive attitude of NATO encouraging parties to calm down implies ‘turning collective security into collective silence”, which has the risk of creating “individual insecurity for Turkey”. 

Aslan underlines that “Turkey wants to benefit from security guarantee like all member countries and demands avoidance of double standards”. He believes that, instead of relying on NATO, Turkey  would rather stand on its own legs in ensuring its security.