NATO says it stands in solidarity with Turkey “in the fight against terrorism”

NATO’s deputy secretary general has reaffirmed the pact’s commitment to Turkish security, saying “NATO stands in solidarity with Turkey in the fight against terrorism.”

Rose Gottemoller addressed senior students at the Turkish National Defence University in Istanbul after Turkish forces launched a new offensive against U.S.-backed Kurdish forces in northwestern Syria, U.S. outlet Defense News reported.

In addition to already strained relations with the U.S., Turkey’s purchase of the Russian-made air defence system S-400 and a blunder in a recent NATO exercise where Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was included on an “enemy chart” had created conflict between Turkey and its NATO allies.

Gottemoller outlined mutual benefits of the alliance to cool tensions, Defence News said, highlighting U.S.-made Patriot and Franco-Italian SAMP/T systems protecting Turkey from missile threats from Syria.