Turkey is “the first NATO dropout” - Kinzer

“Turkey has written itself out of the Western alliance,” Stephen Kinzer wrote in the Boston Globe.

“It now behaves like a Middle Eastern country pursuing its own interests. Turkey has become the first NATO dropout.”

The fault may not lie so much with Turkey however, as with the outdated NATO system, Kinzer wrote.

“After the Soviet Union collapsed, the United States could have declared victory, reduced its role in NATO, and turned European security over to Europeans. Instead it did the opposite.”

In the absence of the clear threat posed by the Soviet Union, Kinzer said, NATO cannot rouse its member-states to action, and increasingly the alliance looks like one that Washington cannot hope to lead.

There is also another good reason why Turkey is no longer looking West so eagerly, according to Kinzer:

One other factor looms in the recent past. Turkey tried for years to enter the European Union. It was repeatedly rebuffed. With that historic choice, Europe slammed its door in Turkey’s face. Naturally the Turks began looking for friends and partners elsewhere. Even strategic alliances are not forever.