Turkey is in NATO for the long-term - Daily Sabah

“Turkey will continue to be an integral part of the (NATO) alliance and will patiently fight back against all efforts of bullying and injustice,” Daily Sabah, an English-language newspaper close to the Turkish government, said in an editorial.

The newspaper said some NATO members were seeking to harass Turkey and force it to quit the alliance, but they would be unsuccessful.

“However, the conduct of some members will continue to harm the alliance itself, and they are blind to the fact that without Turkey, as a geo-political heavyweight and a regional lynchpin, NATO will face significant problems in the near future,” it said.

The newspaper also had some ideas about how NATO could make up for the gaffe in which a picture of Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was included in a list of enemies at a Norwegian military exercise.

“Rather than spreading misinformation about Turkey, NATO should start explaining what it plans to do about the two failed states exporting chaos on our southern border,” it said, referring to Syria and Iraq.