Jun 30 2018

Turkey shows NATO membership should be rights-based - U.S. congressman

Turkey has been allying with the enemies of the United States and should have its ally status “put on probation,” according to one U.S. congressman.

Writing in The National Interest, Ted Poe used the example of Turkey in recent years as an argument for introducing rights standards as a prerequisite for ally status and NATO membership.

“The list of Turkish treachery abounds, and absolutely none of it should be acceptable. To be considered a U.S. ally and NATO member should require specific standards such as respect for human rights and democracy,” he said.

“These standards should be in addition to the obvious prerequisite of not fooling around with malign regimes and terrorist groups that undermine U.S. security. Erdoğan’s Turkey does not meet any of these standards. Therefore, their status within NATO and bilaterally with the U.S. should be put on indefinite probation.”

Poe, who represents a district in the state of Texas, where the F-35 stealth fighter is manufactured, also called for the fighter jet sale to Turkey to be stopped immediately.

He said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had not only unjustly imprisoned two U.S. citizens, but he had also cosied up to Russia and was working to spread Islamic extremism to countries in Europe.