Erdogan adviser: Economic 'hitmen' targeting Turkey

Global oligarchs and the media are spreading false news about Turkey, seeking to bring down the government and reverse economic prosperity, wrote Cemil Ertem, chief economic adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

This “malicious perception operation”, which included misleading investors last week about the possibility that Turkey’s European Union membership talks would be broken off, and media coverage of a U.S. visa ban, was a continuation of last year’s military coup attempt and designed to force Turkey into a period of outdated economic austerity and high interest rates, Ertem wrote in Daily Sabah newspaper.

Through such economic siege operations, they are striving to do what they could not in the July 15 fascist coup attempt. Turkey knows that the ones who produce these fabricated news are economic hitmen and for what purpose they do it. They are the global oligarchs in our region and in the world, who want to protect their own interests by war, and they are condemned by mankind after all wars.

Turkey is no longer vulnerable politically and economically, rather a country that directs the region, provides more employment than 24 EU countries combined and controls energy and trade routes from the east, wrote Ertem, who has a doctorate in finance and economics from Istanbul University.

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