Turkey a beacon of hope, pro-government paper says

Many find it difficult to see the bright side of the current situation in Turkey. Pro-government newspaper Diriliş Postası, however, sees the light:

Under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s leadership Turkey has grown to three times as large in 15 years, at the same time fought off ten different terror organisations, repelled coup attempts, and throughout all this rather than becoming introverted has embraced the cause of Palestine, the wounds of Africans, reached out again a century later to the Balkans, and most importantly of all has offered a just world and given hope to humanity by coming out against the imperialist ‘New World Order’ 

The piece, which includes rousing calls to join Erdoğan’s cause attributed to the prime minister of Somalia, a former prime minister of Spain, and the heads of state of Venezuela and Guinea, ends by saying the United Nations Security Council is today’s biggest structural obstacle to a better world:

One of the most important factors in Turkey being a role model and hope of liberation to the oppressed is President Erdoğan’s desire to change the United Nations Security Council with his slogan ‘The World is Bigger than Five’ and put in place a system of justice.