Steve Bannon: Turkey is more dangerous than Iran

"He is the scariest name in the US politics (and overseas) these days..."

This is how Daphne Barak of Asarq Al-Awsat introduces Steve Bannon, before their interview that touches upon threats to the United States, from Turkey to China.

Since his ousting from the White House, the far-right U.S. media company Breitbart's director has been more straightforward about the Trump administration's foreign policy. His unsolicited public advice on the North Korea, published at the liberal outlet, The American Prospect, is credited as the first.

On his interview with Barak, Bannon says he is not advocating isolationism in the U.S. foreign policy but his views are certainly in the line with American protectionism, perhaps best summarised as Trump's now signature line: America First.

Regarding the threats to the U.S. interests in the Middle East, Bannon does not mince his words on Qatar, "as dangerous as North Korea!", and Turkey "the biggest danger for us! ...not even close to Iran". Turkey has stood in defence of Qatar when Trump backed measures taken by a group of Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia.

Although Bannon was shown the door by the Trump's new chief of staff John F. Kelly, and has always been a controversial figure among the Republican Party, he has a significant base among the U.S. conservatives which he keeps to influence through the media he runs.

Read Daphne Barak's interview with Steve Bannon here: