Ahval: Nothing but the truth

At Ahval, democracy is at the very core of our values. 

We commit to independence in what we report and comment. 

It is what we stand for. 

We are not the mouthpiece of any interest group, nor are we part of any activist movement. 

‘’Nothing but the truth’' is our motto.

For the Ahval team, unfettered access to information for our readers, in Turkey and around the world, is sacred. 

At a time of unprecedented pressure on the media in Turkey and elsewhere, we pledge to report accurately, honestly, fairly and impartially.

Our journalists and editors aim to inform readers of events in Turkey, but also to explain and scrutinize the decisions and deeper trends that are shaping this pivotal country and its future.

In these troubled times, fake news threatens the democratic process and whips up radicalisation. 

Facts have become injured bystanders of the political fray. We must scrupulously fact-check what leaders and opinion-formers say to separate truth from spin.  

Journalists and commentators themselves must also never be beyond criticism so we will ourselves be accountable. 

We welcome comments from our readers and pledge to correct any inaccuracies fully and promptly.

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