Turkish government smearing the critics of nuclear power plant – columnist

Turkey is getting a bad deal in its insistence on the construction of a nuclear power plant – and is calling domestic critics of the project traitors, Cumhuriyet columnist Çiğdem Toker said.

“They stamp everyone who questions (the Akkuyu project) a traitor to the nation or a terrorist,” she wrote. “Sometimes they do this at rallies, sometimes on the TV channels they have bought.”

Last week, she said, the Council of State held a hearing on the topic and the same smears continued.

“We have learnt that a causal link was made at that hearing between objections to the project and ‘treachery to the nation’,” Toker said.

But there were plenty of good reasons not to want the nuclear power plant to be built, she said, not least the guaranteed prices that the government had agreed to buy much of the output at.

“Our state will buy 70 percent of the electricity produced at the 1st and 2nd units at Akkuyu and 30 percent of that produced at the 3rd and 4th units,” she said.

They had guaranteed Russian plant owner-operator Rosatom a price of 12.35 U.S. cents per kilowatt-hour for 15 years, while the equivalent price for renewable energy in Turkey was around 7 cents, she said.