Apr 11 2018

Journalist faces three years’ jail for opposing Turkey’s Syria operation

Journalist, writer and Ahval contributor Nurcan Baysal faces up to three years in jail for anti-war social media messages during Turkey’s Afrin cross-border operation against the Syrian district of Afrin, left-wing news site Gazete Karınca said.

Baysal was arrested on Jan. 22 and released pending trial two days later, the news site said. On Feb. 20, she was given a 10-month suspended sentence for “insulting the security forces” in an article.

She will now face charges in the city of Diyarbakır, the biggest city in Turkey’s mainly Kurdish southeast, of “provoking the people to hatred and enmity”. If she is convicted, the offence carries a sentence of between one and three years.

Baysal denies the charge, saying she is “a person who is against war and the death of children regardless of whether they are Kurdish or Turkish” and that she had merely shared her views as a writer.