Turkish police detain academic Nuriye Gülmen

Turkish police have detained former hunger-striking academic Nuriye Gülmen in the popular holiday destination of Bodrum, where she was about to fly a kite, the left-wing People’s Law Bureau said on Twitter.

Gülmen undertook a 324-day hunger strike after being fired from her public sector job by a state of emergency government decree. She was then given six years and three months in prison on charges of belonging to an armed terror organisation, but was later released on appeal.

The state of emergency commission, however, confirmed her dismissal from her job, and she ended her hunger strike, during which she survived solely on sugar-water and vitamins, after almost a year.

Police, the People’s Law Bureau said, asked Gülmen and the man she was with, Mehmet Dersulu, for identification, to which Dersulu said: “You already know teacher Nuriye,” and refused to provide it.

They were taken to the police station, where Dersulu was beaten, the report said.

The pair will give statements on Thursday morning.