Noah’s Ark ran on nuclear energy, expert tells Turkish broadcaster

A Turkish academic said Noah built his ark with steel, used nuclear energy to run it, and called his son on a mobile phone to convince him to board.

Dr. Yavuz Örnek, a marine scientist according to his Istanbul University profile, said the world had more advanced technologies 10,000 years ago on a TV programme at Turkey’s public broadcaster TRT.

He also claimed there were no live animals on the ark, but instead Noah placed an order for one male and one female egg, and all animals derived from that.

When pressed with scientific evidence of his claims by the host, Pelin Çift, Örnek referred to verses from Islam’s holy book, the Quran, and said:

The Quran says the waves were as high as mountains, so if Noah spoke with his son, his son must be sitting on the top of another mountain. Quran says, ‘they talked,’ so, to talk between two mountains with hundreds of kilometres apart, they must have mobile phones, and Noah’s son must have boarded an aerial vehicle to reach his father.

The other guest at the programme, theology professor Ömer Faruk Harman, who was invited to talk about the religious aspect of the Genesis flood, was also surprised and pressed Örnek with questions on the empirical evidence for his claims.

The programme caused a public outcry on Turkish social media. After an advertising break, host Çift said she shared the sceptical opinions raised by many viewers.