Police seize jeweller’s smuggled “bottom dollar”

An Algerian jeweller, Salah Mennaoui, has had 144,000 euros seized by Turkish police after a truly disastrous, and surely uncomfortable, attempt to smuggle the money into the country, the Turkish business news site Patronlar Dünyası reports.

Mennaoui reportedly managed to fit all 144,000 euros in banknotes into his anus with the help of a doctor in Algeria. He then smuggled the money to Istanbul to buy gold, making it past airport security undetected.

In total, Mennaoui successfully smuggled 288 500 euro banknotes and two 100 euro banknotes inside him during his flight to Turkey.

However, Mennaoui’s troubles started when he reached his hotel and was unable to retrieve the money. He then checked himself into a hospital, and the money was surgically removed from his body.

Smelling something untoward, the hospital staff contacted the Turkish police, who seized the money.

According to his statement to the police, Mennaoui regularly travels to Turkey to buy gold his jewellery business, bringing 50,000 euros each time. Mennaoui was released by the police and returned to Algeria.

The jeweller smuggled the money to avoid Algerian regulations, which limit the amount of money that can be taken out of the country to 7,500 euros, according to Patronlar Dünyası’s news.

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