Nov 27 2018

Turkish bat barber turns shaving world upside down

A barber in Turkey’s north western province of Sakarya has turned the rules of the hairdressing game upside down – by shaving his customers while hanging from the ceiling like a bat.

“I’ve been hanging and shaving since the year 1995,” the barber, İsa Demir, told Turkish liberal Islamist daily Karar. “I got started when a friend made a dare. He bet that I couldn’t hang upside down and give someone a shave, and I accepted. I shaved while hanging like a bat. Now they call me the bat barber.”

The system devised by Demir for his unique style of work consists of a harness attached to the ceiling by a metal rod. Once the barber puts his legs through the harness, a friend ties him in.

“I can only do beards at the moment – for hair I’d need to create a system that turns around,” said Demir.

While many would think you would need to be batty to let a man swinging upside down in a harness near your throat with a razor, Demir insists his customers leave happy and keep coming back for more.

“Anyone can shave standing upright, but the trick is to do it hanging upside down. I have my shave here at my friend’s place because I love excitement,” one customer told Karar. “It’s more exciting for me when I get my shave from the bat barber.”

In fact, Demir is hoping to capitalise on his popularity by running in the next round of elections for the position of "muhtar," a neighbourhood representative, the barber said.