Jailed Turkish philanthropist Osman Kavala to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Turkish businessman and philanthropist Osman Kavala, who has been behind bars in Turkey since October of 2017, is being nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

Many academics, human rights defenders are collectively nominating the imprisoned philanthropist for a Nobel Peace Prize.

There is almost no distinction in the arrest campaign when comes to arresting dissenters, opposition in Turkey, with Kavala, who has been leader for many peace initiatives in Turkey, being at the forefront of Ankara’s campaign.

The campaign to nominate the 62-year-old for a 2019 Nobel Peace Prize has begun.

Osman Kavala has dedicated his life to building cultural and social bridges between different segments of society.

Kavala is known as a peace figure for his works in the reconciliation efforts between Armenians and Turks, Kurds and Turks, among many other initiatives.