Pakistan to buy mini drones from Turkey to bolster India border - report

Pakistan is negotiating a deal to purchase small armed drones from a number of Turkish companies to bolster its UAV fleet for deployment along its border with India, the Eurasian Times reported on Sunday.

The Pakistan military is seeking mini UAVs with the ability to remain in the air for several hours to monitor the Indian border with a preferable range of 150 km, it said. 

Pakistani and Indian troops regularly exchange fire across the mountainous 3,323 km border, with both sides claiming the disputed region of Kashmir in full.

The Islamic republic is looking to profit from ally Turkey’s UAVs, which gained international recognition in their battlefield performances, mostly recently in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, according to Eurasian Times.

Turkey is one of the most prolific users of armed drones, deploying them to conflicts in Syria, Libya, and most recently Nagorno-Karabakh, where the country deployed the Bayraktar TB2 in support of Azerbaijan.

Pakistan has also been negotiating a deal for the purchase of advanced drones from other Turkish companies, including Boğaziçi Defence Technologies, for the ILTER drone detection and neutralization system, the report said.