Turkish PM “has nothing to hide” over family business affairs

ANKARA - Following revelations regarding his family’s tax affairs, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım told a news conference he had always told his sons to keep their distance from the government in order to avoid accusations of political favouritism.

Official records, however, showed that a company which does business with* one of Yıldırım’s sons won a state contract for $6.92 million as recently as April this year.

The contract, for the operation of a research ship, was carried out under an exception in the tender rules that allows for direct purchases without tender.

Yıldırım denied his relatives had done anything wrong after the Paradise Papers leak revealed they were involved in running 11 companies based in the tax haven of Malta.

“Seafaring is a global business,” he said in response to a question by a correspondent from pro-government A Haber television channel. “We have nothing to hide.”



*This article has been corrected to clarify the relationship between Erkam Yıldırım and Oras Denizcilik.