Apr 25 2018

Turkish leftist-nationalist seeks presidential candidacy

The leader of a small Turkish leftist nationalist party has announced what he called a crusade to find the 100,000 signatures he needs to stand as a candidate for the presidency, Ulusal Kanal, a news channel affiliated to the party, said.

If elected, Doğu Perinçek said his Patriotic Party would force the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) armed insurgents in Turkey’s southeast into submission within three months.

“The Atlantic era is over. America’s claims to rulership are now invalid. The United States has been beaten in our region,” Perinçek said.

“The Patriotic Party knows this, its manifesto is aimed at this, and Turkey will make a big contribution to the establishment of a new world order.”

The Gülen movement, Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan and former president Abdullah Gül had sought to imprison top armed forces officers and Patriotic Party founders in order to divide Turkey, but the party had broken down the prison walls, Perinçek said.

If his party won the premiership, Turkey would lead an international Eurasian coalition of states against Anglo-Americanism, he added.

The Patriotic Party scored just 0.25 percent of the vote in the last general election in November, 2015.