Turkish peace petitioners forfeit right to life - government MP

The signatories to a recent petition for peace between the state and armed Kurdish separatists were guilty of treason and would not be allowed to live in other countries, a member of parliament for the ruling party said on Tuesday.

“Can you believe such treachery?” Şahap Kavcıoğlu asked at a recent budget meeting. “In no country would any academic, politician or journalist who signed this petition even be given the right to life.”

“Forget prison, they would not even be given the right to life,” he said.

Kavcıoğlu’s comments came in response to a report submitted to the Council of Europe by the majority-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) accusing the government of human rights violations. The HDP was “snitching” on the government with its report, he said.

Kavcıoğlu also defended the imprisonment of academics who had put their name to a January 2016 peace petition that accused Turkey of a “premeditated and planned massacre” in its security measures in the country’s southeast.