Jun 12 2018

Turkey bans Periscope over copyright violation

Turkey is to ban the Twitter-owned live streaming platform Periscope on the grounds of violating the copyright of a local company, left-wing newspaper BirGün said.

The term “periscope” had been copyrighted by a Turkish brand management company called Periskop İletişim ve Prodüksiyon, the Istanbul Intellectual and Industrial Rights Court said, ruling for the banning of access to the domain periscope.tv and to the Twitter account “periscopeco” from Turkey.

The court also ruled at the end of the three-year trial that the defendants must stop using the term Periscope in the content of their websites and in links to its content.

Twitter, Apple and Google all sent lawyers to the trial, with Periscope’s lawyer arguing that the company carried out completely different activities to its Turkish namesake and therefore could not be confused.

Periscope is often used as a method for evading censorship in Turkey, from streaming political rallies that are not covered by the mainstream media to broadcasting television footage from stations that authorities have closed down.

Turkish Periscope services at present are continuing under the name Scope TR and Twitter handle @scopetr.