May 10 2018

Turkish petroleum vendors give up announcing price hikes

Turkey’s Union of Petroleum Employers has taken the decision to no longer officially announce petrol price changes on its website, left-wing newspaper BirGün said.

As a result, Turks will from now on likely first learn about new price changes when they get to the petrol pump.

“We will no longer publish the price hikes and reductions on our website,” the group said.

“We intend to inform people, but we get a big reaction. Dozens of people swearing at our Facebook page.”

Petrol prices went down five kuruş ($0.0116) on Wednesday and diesel down seven kuruş, but due to the weakening lira future price rises could be on the horizon.

Turkey has long had among the most expensive petrol prices in the world despite a proximity to many of the world's biggest oil-producing countries, due to the high rates of tax it collects on the fuel.

As other forms of price inflation have also begun to hit the Turkish consumer hard, the outcry over the cost of petrol has increased, and with the government uncertain about the outcome of June 24 elections, the less that price rises are advertised, the happier ministers will be.