Dec 14 2017

“Four Turkish intelligence chiefs held by PKK,” MP says

Tuncay Özkan, a deputy for the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and a member of the parliamentary Security and Intelligence Commission, has said that four department heads at Turkey’s National Intelligence Agency (MİT) are being “held captive” by the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) separatists.

“Sixteen years after MİT brought in (PKK leader) Abdullah Öcalan, the terror organisation has made off with four of its department heads,” Özkan said during the MİT section of the debate on the 2018 budget.

“How did they get captured? We want to know what operation MİT began and for what purpose.”

The PKK has been involved in a bloody conflict in southeast Turkey since 1984. In February 1999, MİT agents tricked Greek diplomats into handing over Öcalan from his hiding place in the Greek ambassador’s residence in Nairobi and he was flown to Turkey. He is now serving a life term on an island in the Sea of Marmara.

Özkan also suggested the capture of the MİT agents might have been behind a recent legislative change to allow the Turkish government to trade prisoners.

“Was this for the department heads in the hands of the PKK? This issue cannot be covered up by silence,” he said.

Özkan said the head of MİT should come to parliament to provide information and answer questions.