PKK claims deadly attack in Turkey’s southeast

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has claimed responsibility for an explosion at a military base in the south-eastern district of Şemdinli on Friday that killed seven soldiers and left 25 others wounded, Kurdish Fırat News Agency reported on Monday.

The PKK said the militants carried out the attack, which they claim killed 17 soldiers and injured 37, with an armed drone.

This is the first time the PKK has reported the use of a drone in an attack.

Turkish officials called the explosion an ammunition storage accident and issued a broadcast ban preventing Turkish media outlets from covering the explosion at the military base. Local news quoted the Turkish Defence Ministry as saying 25 soldiers had been taken to hospital and seven were still missing.

More than 40,00 people, most of them Kurds, have been killed in the fighting between Turkish security forces and the PKK, which began its armed campaign in 1984.