High school students tortured in police intervention

Images shared on social media show Turkish police detaining and torturing high school students in broad daylight in Istanbul on Friday, the last day of the school year.

Police intervened on the students in Kadıköy, a lively neighbourhood on Istanbul’s Asian side, as they protested the Turkish education system under the slogan, “You have the report cards, we have the future.”

The anti-censorship platform Direnişteyiz24.org shared footage and images from the demonstration, including the detention of several of the students, who were handcuffed behind their backs and dragged onto a police bus.

Harrowing images show police on the bus raining baton blows on the detained teenagers.

Direnişteyiz also shared footage reportedly showing three of the detainees arriving for health checks at a nearby hospital. The accompanying tweet reports they were sent for tomography scans by doctors due to possible trauma to the head.

Reports indicate that 21 students have been detained. Citizens gathered near the entrance to the local police station to offer their support.