Feb 22 2018

Afrin Operation is political suicide - leader of Hayır Party

Founder and leader of Turkish political Hayır (No/Benevolence) party, Tuna Bekleviç, in an interview with a pro-Kurdish newsgroup in Turkey said that the current Turkish government committed political suicide by entering Afrin.

Bekleviç said "They started the military operation to boost their popularity among the electorate. They were wrong. The result was a loss of popularity for AKP (the ruling Justice and Development Party)." Bekleviç said that The Afrin operation, Turkey military incursion into a Syrian northwest region to fight the local Kurdish militia (PYD) that the Turkish government considers to be a part of its domestic insurgent movement (PKK - Kurdistan Workers' Party,) was a loss for the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. 

"First of all, Tayyip Erdogan, proved that he could not solve Turkish-Kurdish issues. Secondly, the operation put Turkey under a heavy financial burden" Bekleviç said. "As long as the operation continues, so will the economic burden." 

Bekleviç said that more of the financial impact will soon be reflected on Turkish citizens, he maintained that some voters started to sway away from AKP. 

"It's been a month (since the incursion started) it is still not clear what he (Erdoğan) wants to do, " he said.

Tuna Bekleviç, a one-time parliamentary candidate from  AKP and former adviser to AKP ministers, is the founder of Hayır Party. 


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