'European imperialists responsible for turning Turks against Arabs' – spokesman Kalın

European imperialist powers “sowed the seeds of unrest” by turning Arabs against Turks and creating prejudices against Arabs among Turks, Presidential Spokesman İbrahim Kalın was quoted as saying by opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP)-linked TV channel, Halk TV.

“When I was a child, the news tickers on the television channels said ‘the bloodshed continues in the Middle East,’” Kalın said. “I am now 45 years old and they still say the same thing.”

For 1000 years - until the Sykes-Picot agreement divided up the Middle East in the wake of the First World War - the region was at the centre of global culture, civilisation, art, trade and diplomacy, Kalın said.

“They (European powers) sowed great seeds of sedition,” the spokesman stressed. “For example, during the long years establishing the republic, a theory was put forth that ‘the Arabs betrayed us; they stabbed us in the back.’”

European powers also told the Arabs that the Turks had become infidels and that the Ottomans had been the illegitimate occupiers of Arab lands, Kalın stressed.

“History is there to understand today and build tomorrow,” underlined the spokesman. “That is why history is always being rewritten.”


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