Former president Gül “will upend politics” in 2018 - newspaper

Former president Abdullah Gül is preparing to “upend what we know about politics” in 2018, Islamist newspaper Milli Gazete said.

“Gül and his team are known to have met with various names from the cabinet, the palace, the (Justice and Development Party – AK Party) headquarters and parliamentarians as the founder of the movement and (former) president,” it said.

Erdoğan last week accused Gül of creating disorder among the ruling party’s supporters, after the former president criticised a government decree.

Milli Gazete said Erdoğan’s criticism of Gül was not because of a disagreement over the decree, but rather, it said the current president “is trying to induce an early birth” to Gül’s candidacy.

This was the first time Erdoğan and Gül had openly fought, the newspaper said, and pressure is being put on Gül to openly come out as an opponent to Erdoğan.

“Who has the potential and political experience to win votes from the AK Party base and all other parties?” the paper asked, answering that only Gül could do it.