Turkey heading for diplomatic, economic deadlock - Carnegie

Turkey is heading into a diplomatic and economic deadlock, thanks to the virtual world the country’s leaders have confined themselves to, Marc Pierini wrote in an analysis for Carnegie Europe.

Each of Turkey’s woes has had a foreign enemy at its roots, meaning the country is haphazardly decoupling from its Western roots, Pierini, a visiting scholar for Carnegie, asserted.

“Lambasting Europe and the United States resonates deep within Turkey’s collective narrative since the creation of the republic and, more importantly, is key to salvaging the current leadership’s fragile majority," he said. "The EU should deny Ankara the benefit of boxing matches.”

Instead Europe needs to support democratic movements in the country – including human rights defenders, civil society groups and cultural and educational exchanges – in a “long-haul endeavor” to ensure the country doesn’t completely decouple, Pierini said.