Turkey victim of West’s Nazi-type power games: Erdoğan adviser

The West is trying to prevent Turkey from becoming a regional power, just as it backed and then broke Yugoslavia because it was threatening German power in Europe, said Cemil Ertem, a chief economic adviser to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Those responsible for civil wars in Iraq and Syria, creating terrorist organizations and displacing thousands of innocent people, will one day be held to account, Ertem wrote in the Daily Sabah newspaper. Those same powers, who “must be condemned, just like the Nazis, for their crimes against humanity”, are behind a coup attempt in Turkey last year, in which they used the Fethullah Gülen movement in an attempt to topple Erdoğan, he said.

It has also come to light that Daesh is a fictional terrorist organization. In fact, there is a clear link between the regional dynamics and what has happened in Turkey in the last four years. The Gezi Park protests, the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 cases, the PKK's ditch actions, the fighter jet crisis with Russia and the July 15 coup attempt, all of this was run together with the disintegration of Iraq and the civil war in Syria.

Turkey has also spoiled an attempt, through “dirty news mechanisms” and ratings agencies, to force its economy into recession following the coup attempt, thanks to its Credit Guarantee Fund, which will help the country post record growth in the third quarter, Ertem said.


Unlike in the past, the Turkish economy will not slump down into a crisis because of such foreign exchange attacks. Companies, the financial sector, households and the public sector have hardly any foreign exchange deficits, and for Turkey, currency pressure is no longer a dynamic that can create a permanent crisis through provisional currency attacks.