“Turks are a superior race,” new political party says

A group of Turkish nationalists have founded a new political party with “Turks are the superior race, and Turkey belongs to the Turks” in its party programme.

The Ötüken Union Party takes its name from a mythological Turkic city in Okhhon Valley in Mongolia, Central Asia, where some nationalists say the Turkic tribes originate from.

The party was founded on Dec 20, 2017, according to the Turkish High Court’s website, which keeps a registry of political parties, left-leaning news website Gazete Duvar reported.

The party was founded “to make the Turkish homeland a place where Turks have the absolute dominance and sovereignty, and live in unity,” it said.

“Turkish nation is composed of people whose mothers and fathers are of Turkish race, who have Turkish as their mother tongue and belong to the Turkish culture” the programme of the Ötüken Union Party was quoted as saying, but it also welcomed “those who have Turkified (by remembering their Turkishness and awakening).”

The aims of the party were listed by Gazete Duvar as restricting political and official positions, as well as security personnel, to ethnic Turks only and banning marriages with foreigners.

The party also said it aims to ban refugees, and pledged to revoke the Turkish citizenship of refugees who had obtained it.

“Islam is not the unifying force for Turks; ‘blood unity’ is,” the party said.