Turkey investigating Bharara a “badge of honour” - hedge fund manager

Former U.S. attorney Preet Bharara should be proud of being investigated on fraud charges in Turkey according to a noted anti-Putin campaigner.

“First @PreetBharara is put on anti-Magnitsky list by Putin. Now (Turkish President Recep Tayyip) Erdoğan investigating him. Serious badges of honor,” Bill Browder tweeted on Saturday.

Browder, the founder of hedge fund Hermitage Capital, successfully campaigned for Russian officials responsible for human rights violations to have their U.S. bank accounts frozen and to be denied visas.

His campaign began after one of his employees, lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, died in a Russian prison after exposing a tax fraud scheme linked to the Kremlin; the law became known as the Magnitsky Act.

In retaliation for the act, Russia issued its own list of American “human rights violators” including Bharara, whom the country accused of “violations of the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens abroad”.

It seems likely that this sanction was connected to Bharara’s case against Russian black market arms dealer Viktor Bout, who was convicted in 2011 for supplying weapons to a Colombian rebel group.

Browder’s tweet came after the Istanbul chief prosecutor’s office announced an investigation into Bharara and other U.S. judicial officials connected to the Reza Zarrab sanctions-busting case on Saturday over accusations that they were using fraudulent or stolen evidence in the case.