No savings for Turkish presidency's budget: 44 more cars to buy

Turkish presidency announced a tender to buy 30 new cars and hire 14 cars with chauffeurs, opposition daily Birgün reported on Sunday. 

Turkish authorities had declared budget cutting would be done to handle the country's economic crisis almost in every department of the state, except the presidency, Birgün said. 

According to the announcement, some of the vehicles were asked to have LCD television, car refrigerator, digital sound system, leather seat, curtain, carpet flooring and charging unit. 

The presidency has 268 vehicles in its inventory, and it would receive 38 new cars according to 2019 Presidential Budget. With this last purchase, the number of presidency's car will rise to 350. 

Vice-President Fuat Oktay on Oct.31 said Turkish presidency has 21 official cars, and it is a sign of country's prestige since most of them are used to serve politicians and leaders of the other states.

The majority of Turkey's 2019 budget allocations are for presidential, security and defence expenditures, but there will be cuts in emergency aid and infrastructure expenses, according to a draft bill submitted to parliament two weeks ago.