Muharrem İnce ready to repair “wreckage” after election

Main opposition presidential candidate Muharrem İnce fully expects to win the Jun. 24 election and has one eye on the “wreckage” his rival, the incumbent president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will leave in his wake, İnce said during a speech in Bolu, northwest Turkey on Tuesday.

In April, Erdoğan announced the snap elections to be held in June, over a year before they were due to be held in November 2019. Since the announcement the lira’s value has gone into freefall, and the president’s unorthodox statements on the economy have caused some to question his ability to head off a seemingly inevitable economic crisis.

“Erdoğan has not released a manifesto before the election but a certificate of bankruptcy,” said İnce, the candidate for the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP). “I will win this election, just wait and see if he doesn’t go,” he added.

“My problem now is that I am the one who will take over the wreckage after June. I have already started working on how I will clean up the mess,” İnce said.

If the CHP candidate wins in June, he will face the double challenge of taking over an administration that has been in the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP)’s hands since 2002 while also attempting to head off the imminent economic crash.

İnce vowed to prepare for this challenge by surrounding himself with a qualified and experienced team. “That’s the difference between us: At the moment there is only one man surrounded by incapable people,” he said.

An article by Bloomberg’s Turkey bureau chief Benjamin Harvey last week reported the perception among investors that important positions in the Turkish government had been filled by individuals according to their loyalty to Erdoğan rather than their qualifications, fuelling institutional decay.