Opposition parties “not of the Turkish nation” – AKP politician

Turkish political parties which do not enter an alliance with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the upcoming presidential elections are “not part of the nation”, said AKP deputy leader Öznur Çalık.

The elections, due before November 2019, will select the first president under a new system of executive presidency, in which the head of state will take on greatly expanded powers.

The ruling party has already agreed terms of a “People’s Alliance” with the opposition Nationalist Action Party (MHP), with other right-wing parties also expected to join.

“Those non-native, non-national political parties which stand against the People’s Alliance will be given their appropriate punishment by the nation at the ballot box,” said Çalık.

The AKP deputy leader went on to say that, as Turkey’s military operation against “international powers” continued in northwest Syria, the political parties which did not join the alliance would make soldiers who died in the operation “turn over in their graves.”