Jul 06 2018

Erdoğan ready for strong presidential system

After Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is sworn in again on July 9, he will take on greater powers than any Turkish politician since World War II, the Times of Israel wrote on Friday. 

Erdoğan will be sworn in at the parliament on Monday followed by a ceremony in his presidential palace that will mark the transition to the new presidential system. He will announce his new cabinet the same evening. 

In accordance with the new system agreed at the 2017 referendum, a new decree issued in Turkey on Wednesday overhauled laws dating from 1924-2017, altering references to the prime minister and cabinet of ministers to the president and the president's office. With the new system, the office of prime minister is to be abolished and the president will be able to form and regulate ministries and remove civil servants, without gaining parliamentary approval.

Speaking at a meeting of provincial chairmen at the Justice and Development Party (AKP) headquarters today, Erdoğan said his new slimmed down cabinet with 16 ministers instead of 26 will include names outside the AKP. 

The new system will allow Erdogan, to enjoy control of the executive, judicial and legislative branches. “Such a system creates a lot of space for a president to act alone and rule the country as one person,” Emre Erdogan, professor of political science at Istanbul’s Bilgi University told the Times of Israel.