Jul 15 2018

Turkish Statistical Institute to operate under Treasury and Finance Ministry

Turkish Statistical Institute will operate under the Ministry of Treasury and Finance in Turkey’s new executive presidential system according to a new decree published on Sunday, Bloomberg HT reported.

The new decree stipulates that the employees and the departments of the Turkish Statistical Institute will not to receive any instructions from other institutions on data sources, selection of statistical methods and processes, distribution of the statistics, including their form and timing. 

A Statistical Council to be formed will play an advisory role for the institute and will gather once a year to make recommendations on the preparations for the official statistics program and its implementation, as well as on the development of new statistics. The Turkish Presidency will issue a regulation detailing working procedures and the principles of the Council.

Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s son-in-law Berat Albayrak is appointed as the Minister of Treasury and Finance in the new cabinet announced following president Erdoğan’s inauguration ceremony on July 9.